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Green Impact Programme

As a practice, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint to reduce our impact on the environment.

Because of how much work has been done and how much has been achieved in the practice, we have been awarded the Green Impact Silver Award. We will however continue to improve our efforts ith a view to achieving a Gold Award!


Part of our efforts to reduce our and our patients' carbon footprint is to carry out more telephone and online consultations, and to encourage our patients to nominate a pharmacy to send their prescriptions to, thus reducing the number of journeys they make to the surgery.

We have also joined the RCGP Green Impact Programme which sets green goals for all aspects of practice life e.g. prescribing, travel and exercise and food and drinks.

We can be awarded points for every bronze, silver and gold challenge that we complete.

We hope our patients will join us in our efforts to help become a greener society.

Green Impact for Health Toolkit

Information regarding Green Impact Practice Participation

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